Cornice & Coving

Our range of cornices and covings will add great character, style and warmth to any room while hiding potential imperfections, cracks or joints between the ceiling and walls.

Used as curtain profiles, covings will add an elegant finish to both contemporary and classic interiors without the need to break the coving line around the room.

The height of your ceiling can offer a good indication of the cornice size that you need.
Click on the size label below that corresponds to the height of your ceiling to view the most compatible products.

Ceilings up to
8 feet high
(245 cm)

Ceilings between
8 – 10 feet high
(245 – 305 cm)
Ceilings between
10 – 12 feet high
(305 – 365 cm)
Ceilings over
12 feet high
(365 cm)

CS1S – Stepped Deco
78mm (H) x 58mm (P)

CS2S – Classy Ogee
80mm (H) x 60mm (P)

CS3S – Small Kensington
70mm (H) x 70mm (P)

CS4S – Fine Linear
80mm (H) x 73mm (P)

CS5S – Wellington
70mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CS6S – Small Plain
80mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CS7S – Small Carlyle
90mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CS8S – Small Kensington
85mm (H) x 85mm (P)

CS9S – Trendy Ogee
88mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CS10D – Egg & Dart
55mm (H) x 60mm (P)

CS11D – Ritzy Ribbon
80mm (H) x 60mm (P)

CS12D – Lush Vine
95mm (H) x 60mm (P)

CS13D – Small Dentil
85mm (H) x 75mm (P)

CS14D – Baroque
90mm (H) x 75mm (P)






CM1S – Beaufort
90mm (H) x 90mm (P)

CM2S – Medium Carlyle
95mm (H) x 90mm (P)

CM3S – Montrose
110mm (H) x 90mm (P)

CM4S – Traditional Ogee
110mm (H) x 96mm (P)

CM5S – Medium Plain
100mm (H) x 100mm (P)

CM6S – Georgian
110mm (H) x 110mm (P)

CM7S – Edwardian
70mm (H) x 115mm (P)

CM8S – Medium Kensington
115mm (H) x 115mm (P)

CM9D – Beaux-Arts
105mm (H) x 65mm (P)

CM10D – Floraison
100mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CM11D – West End
100mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CM12D – Fleur De Lys
110mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CM13D – Middlemist
110mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CM14D – Rose Garden
85mm (H) x 93mm (P)

CM15D – Cambridge
100mm (H) x 85mm (P)

CM16D – Ballroom
105mm (H) x 85mm (P)

CM17D – Arch Button
110mm (H) x 85mm (P)

CM18D – Medium Dentil
100mm (H) x 95mm (P)


CL1S – Oxford
120mm [H] x 90mm (P)

CL2S – Cottesmore
125mm (H) x 100mm (P)

CL3S – Art Deco
150mm (H) x 100mm (P)

CL4S – Period Ogee
150mm (H) x 100mm (P)

CL5S – Albemarle
152mm (H) x 115mm (P)

CL6S – Large Plain
120mm (H) x 120mm (P)

CL7S – Large Kensington
130mm (H) x 130mm (P)

CL8S – Stepped Modernism
140mm (H) x 140mm (P)

CL9S – Large Plain
141mm (H) x 141mm (P)

CL10S – Knightsbridge
135mm (H) x 145mm (P)

CL11D – Northwest
135mm (H) x 80mm (P)

CL12D – Lined Bloom
125mm (H) x 92mm (P)

CL13D – Roped Egg & Dart
120mm (H) x 99mm (P)

CL14D – Fluted
140mm (H) x 102mm (P)

CL15D – Swag Bow
155mm (H) x 109mm (P)

CL16D – Winners Cup
113mm (H) x 128mm (P)


CXL1S – Marylebone
160mm (H) x 120mm (P)

CXL2S – Victorian
140mm (H) x 160mm (P)

CXL3S – Mulberry
150mm (H) x 160mm (P)

CXL4S – Grand Ogee
200mm (H) x 200mm (P)

CXL5S – Winnington
150mm (H) x 220mm (P)

CXL6S – Chelsea
165mm (H) x 254mm (P)

CXL7D – Acanthus
160mm (H) x 144mm (P)

CXL8D – Corinthian
185mm (H) x 145mm (P)

CXL9D – Gothic
180mm (H) x 165mm (P)

CXL10D – Flower Garland
156mm (H) x 189mm (P)

CXL11D – Palladian
200mm (H) x 223mm (P)

CXL12D – Sandringham
250mm (H) x 250mm (P)