Dado Rails

Dado rails and panel mouldings are simple yet powerful additions to any wall. They create a ceremonious vibe and are suitable for both traditional high ceiling and contemporary properties, providing them with an elegant and decorative finish.

DR01 Oxford Plain
38mm (1.5″)

DR02 Oxford Leaf
38mm (1.5″)

DR03 Sautoir
38mm (1.5″)

DR04 Carlyle
45mm (1.8″)

DR05 Gardena
48mm (1.9″)

DR06 Oxford Flower
51mm (2″)

DR07 Bead Sautoir
51mm (2″)

DR08 Wellington
57mm (2.2″)

DR09 Dentil
60mm (2.4″)

DR10 Kensington
60mm (2.4″)

DR11 Rosebud
63mm (2.5″)

DR12 Acanthus
63mm (2.5″)

DR13 Leaf
67mm (2.6″)

DR14 Swag & Bow
89mm (3.5″)